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You send an inquiry. We discuss your vision.


We set a date and you settle on a venue.


We sign the contract and the invoice is sent.


The day comes and we have some fun.


You get a sneak peek the next day.


Once you get your photos they are yours to share, print and post!

  • Why do I need a photographer?
    With GoldenAuer photography we want the whole process to be a fun experience. We want to showcase your true authentic and unique self. Hiring a professional for your session/event/wedding takes the stress off of you, your family or friends who can then enjoy the day while we get the shots! Let us tell your story while you enjoy yourself!
  • When do I get my final gallery?
    Gallery return time depends on your session type. Weddings take 6-8 weeks for full gallery. Regular sessions take 2-4 weeks for full gallery. We like to keep you updated along the way of how the editing process is going. If we feel like we need more or less time to perfect your gallery we will reach out directly!
  • What if I have to cancel/reschedule?/ Is my deposit refundable?
    We understand that life happens and sometimes it gets in the way; we are always willing to reschedule if needed. If your session requires a deposit, it will not be refunded due to cancellation or rescheduling. We will work together to find another day that will fit your schedule!
  • What happens when I get my photos?
    Once the photos are returned to you they are yours to share, print and post away! You are good to share them with family and post them on wherever you’d like. The photos are to stay as they are delivered, no altering with filters/cropping. Refer to your contract for more information!
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